John Bottone, LMHC

Personal Transformation – (631) 680-3609


I am a NYS licensed psychotherapist based in Melville, Long Island, with an additional office in New York City.  I have been working with individuals and couples in private practice for 9 years.

I am trained in Gestalt psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems therapy and believe that experiential psychotherapies and body-oriented therapies are more powerful and effective than cognitive-based therapies.  I am currently on the training staff of the Gestalt Center of Long Island.

In addition to private sessions, I lead intensive retreats at Shalom Mountain Retreat Center several times a year.  Intensive retreats are a chance for deep emotional work that is not possible in a  private therapy session.  These intensive experiences are truly transformational in results as they release long-held emotional blocks such as grief, anger, fear and pain that blocks our inner aliveness, passion and joy.

Eventually, psychotherapy is limited in it’s ability to foster growth, and spiritual work is necessary to continue the journey to wholeness.  The integration of psychotherapy and spirituality is an exciting area of growth and development offering methods for embodied awakening and inner development.

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