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Shalom Retreats

Shalom Retreats are transformational personal growth experiences that are a powerful way to open blocks to loving and living fully alive in the world.  They begin on Thursday evening and continue to Sunday afternoon.

We begin by creating a safe and accepting community of group members.  Then, each person takes a turn doing a piece of individual work in the group.  The individual work  uses the wisdom of your inner process to guide you into a deeper connection with whatever experience needs to emerge.  These retreats are a wonderful place to open up the emotional blocks to living fully alive and deeply connected to the flow of our lives.

Shalom Retreats at Shalom Mountain Retreat Center

Shalom Mountain Retreat Center

Located in the Catskill Mountains of New York in Livingston Manor about 2 hours from NYC, these retreats  are for all men and women, and offered every month.  In addition to the standard Shalom Retreat  (described above) there are other retreats focused on many other topics.

Upcoming Retreats:


Shalom Retreat (with Nance McGee)  –  April 20 – 23 – for all men and women

Shalom Retreat (with Nance McGee)  –  July 20 – 23 – for all men and women

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