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I am trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy which is an experiential therapy that values awareness through experience and relationship over cognitive understanding.

For example, if a client begins talking about his father in a session, rather than tell a story about his father, I might invite him to talk to his father as if he was in the room with us.  This puts the client into the immediacy of his experience and provides more connection to his emotional world.

I also use a cutting-edge therapy called Internal Family Systems which works with internal ‘parts’ (critic, judge, child, etc.) to help them function more harmoniously.  Often our lives are run by our ‘parts’ rather than the ‘Self’ which functions with more compassion and creativity.  There is a spiritual dimension to IFS because it introduces the experience of the ‘Self’ as a place to land inside that takes us out of the world of cognitive chaos and catastrophic fantasizing.  IFS is particularly beneficial for those clients with trauma histories because it is very accepting of every experience and emotional expression as an important positive functioning part of the internal system.

Both these therapies bring the client from thinking and fantasizing to present moment of sensing and feeling which is a healthier, normal, pleasurable place to be.

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